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Thank you for stopping by my photography page. My name is Tony Balsimo. I am a photographer and military member. I started out in photography as a hobby, but the addiction set in quite quick. I realized that I had a talent for it and I started doing portraiture. After I learned ambient light photography, I found discovered the beauty of flash photography. Exposing the scene properly and keeping your model lit well, is impossible to do in most situations. Having proper light on your subject can be difficult. Thankfully, I never back down from challenges. I quickly learned how to use flash to my benefit and it has changed my photography. Flash photography especially "On location" is not for the faint of heart. It's hard work and dedication to the final images. Check out my portfolio on the next pages and go to my Instagram CLICK HERE

I hope that you enjoy my work and you choose me to freeze your moments in time. 

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